For the 2013 playoff year, Chip DiMonick released a lyric video for "Pump" that paid tribute to that season's edition of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  It was wildly popular but, alas, the Penguins' playoff run ended all too abruptly.

With the Pens looking hot going into the 2016 playoffs, the band updated the video to pay tribute to this season's team.  Check it out!

In the first of a series entitled "Preview From The Lab," Chip DiMonick (the man) released a video of himself performing a new mashup he created.  It's called "Everybody Wants To Rule The Walk" and combines songs from Pantera and Tears For Fears.

Though the song was included as a bonus track on their 2009 CD, "Sick Definition of Fun," Chip DiMonick never released a video for its popular Billy Joel/Marilyn Manson mashup, "It's Still Rock-N-Roll To The Beautiful People."  However, the band decided that it's "better late than never" and finally released a fun video for the song today.

The video features a slightly disturbing, real-time, one-take Photoshop mashing up of photos of Joel and Manson.  Check it out!

Despite playing their Led Zeppelin/White Zombie mashup, "The Immigrant Kiss '65," for approximately five years, Chip DiMonick's twist on these two classic tunes never made its way to YouTube...until now!

The band today released a live video of the mashup, recorded at the second annual Strip District Music Festival on January 16, 2016.  Enjoy!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today published an article entitled "Pittsburgh's Indie Musicians Work Through The Tough Music Economy."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today published a list of "January's Hottest Concerts in Pittsburgh."  The list included Chip DiMonick's performance at the Strip District Music Festival.

See the entire list here.

Chip DiMonick is honored to announce that "You Ain't Punk" was named as one of the top 10 songs of 2015 by Steve O's Music Madness!  You can listen to the show's year end special with "You Ain't Punk" and the rest of the songs in the top 10 here.

The accolades for "Uncaged" continue to pile up!  Canada's The Headbanging Moose named "Uncaged" among the top 3 EP's of 2015.

Check out the full article here.

Chip, Joe and Gregg were honored to sit down for an interview with the Pennsylvania Rock Show.  You can listen to the entire interview online.  Though the interview starts innocently enough, mid-way through you'll learn the most embarrassing moment in band history that you just don't wanna miss hearing about!

Click here to listen to the interview!

Chip was honored to be a guest on Steve O's Music Madness podcast today.  You can listen to the entire interview online.  One of the many nuggets you'll learn is why "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is Chip's favorite Christmas song!

Click here to listen to the interview.

After an amazing inaugural event last year, the Strip District Music Fest is returning on January 16, 2016.  And Chip DiMonick will be once again among the performers!

Time and venue to be announced!

Today's Tribune-Review featured an extensive article about Stevie Wonder's "Songs In The Key of Life" tour.  Chip was quoted, calling Wonder "a whopper of a musical artist [whose] secret sauce is clearly his songwriting."

Read the full article with more Chip DiMonick quotes here.

Once again, "Dig Deep" was used to accompany a highlights montage during a Pittsburgh Pirates television broadcast on October 2, 2015. 

Earlier this year, Chip DiMonick did a crowdfunding campaign to raise cash to make the "You Ain't Punk" video. One of the packages that was offered included having the band write a song for/about the contributor.

That package was purchased by the amazing hockey journalist/on-air personality and good friend of the band, Mr. Brian Metzer. When Brian signs off of his show, he invites his listeners to join his next broadcast by saying "Be there or be less than circular." So, he chose that for the theme of the song to be written for him.

Today, Chip DiMonick has released the song "Less Than Circular" on YouTube. Chip DiMonick gives a Kjell Samuelsson-sized thank you to Brian for helping to make the "You Ain't Punk" video a reality and inspiring a new tune!

Journalist Mike Moscato described the scene at the "Decade of DiMonick" concert and party as "plenty of  fists pumping in the air, fans jumping up and down, yelling, singing along during the set."

You can read the entire review here.

Read the whole article here.

You can access the online version here.

The Pittsburgh City Paper placed the "Decade of DiMonick" concert and party atop its Critics' Picks this week.  The venerable publication said that "Uncaged" is "full of hair-metal-esque charisma."  Read the full article here.


Chip DiMonick is excited to announce that the "Hang Out & Wind Down" segment of the "Decade of DiMonick" concert and party will now feature an acoustic performance by Through These Walls vocalist, Chris Callen!

The Grass Roots Show on Butler, Pennsylvania's 97.7FM have invited Chip and DJ into the studio for an exclusive interview to air on Sunday September 20 at 7:00PM EDT.  Fans outside of the Pittsburgh/Butler region can stream it online at

"Chip Di Monick, who fronts the the hard rock band of the same name, thinks maybe there’s a spinoff benefit. 'Though most original acts hate tribute bands, I personally support them,' he says. 'Tribute bands can be the gateway drug that leads previously reluctant people to the live local music scene.'"

Chip DiMonick - voted Pittsburgh's "Best Punk Band" for the past three years - today announced a special concert/party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band’s first show.

The “Decade of DiMonick” concert and party will be held on September 25, 2015 at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh’s South Side. 

Chip DiMonick was featured on the latest edition of Steve O's Music Madness, an online radio show featuring the top new underground rock and metal releases.

Just 38 days after suffering a stroke, Chip DiMonick guitarist DJ Carothers returned to the stage on August 15, 2015.  His first performance since the stroke took place as the band performed as part of the huge, annual Rock All Night Tour at Cattivo in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh.

Chip DiMonick guitarist DJ Carothers suffered a stroke on July 8.  He posted the following on his Facebook profile on July 10.

A social media firestorm took place when Sebastian Bach went on an unjustified tirade against a photographer that just so happened to be the wife of Chip DiMonick (the man).  The incident happened on the same night that Chip DiMonick (the band) was direct support on a bill headlined by Sebastian Bach.


Interesting story behind the song...

Chip DiMonick was featured on this week's edition of The Justin Wayne Show.  The hosts engaged in the classic debate of whether or not Chip DiMonick was punk but, regardless, declared "You Ain't Punk" a "great song."

Listen at the link below.  (Somehow, this old press pic with former members keeps showing up in our press coverage LOL)


Today, Chip DiMonick announced that it will be premiering the video for our latest single, "Uncaged," on Friday June 26 at 6PM EDT.  The premiere will happen on the Chip DiMonick Facebook page.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review published an article entitled "Legendary Rolling Stones continue to master the field." Chip DiMonick was quoted in it multiple times, musing on how Mick Jagger established the definition of a frontman that still stands today.


The following post from the Chip DiMonick Facebook Page explains the unexpected digital release of song 10 years later.

The Pittsburgh Pirates' plays of the week was set to the heavy riffage of "Uncaged" on the Root Sports broadcast of the team's June 12, 2015 game.

Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine out of the United Kingdom has published an amazing review of "Uncaged."  Journalist Elinor Day wrote that Uncaged "provides conclusive proof that you should absolutely care about Chip DiMonick."

Once again, the Loudini Rock & Roll Circus featured Chip DiMonick in its latest episode.  This time, the hosts effusively expressed their love for the band after playing "Uncaged."

Check out the episode in the YouTube video below!

During the broadcast of the Pittsburgh Pirates game on May 22, 2015, Root Sports used "Uncaged" in a highlight montage featuring Josh Harrison.

Check out the awesomeness right here!

"Dig Deep" was used under a "plays of the week" highlights montage during the May 1, 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates' broadcast.

See the exciting footage here!

In a new review of "Uncaged," Musicians Hotsheet says that "Chunky guitar riffs and thunderous percussion at a medium pace, the true hallmarks of hard rock, are still this band's strong suit."

Read the entire review here.

Chip DiMonick continues to gain traction in the UK as the band was featured for the second consecutive week on Dark Compass' podcast.

You can listen to the latest episode to feature Chip DiMonick here.

The Pittsburgh City Paper has chosen "You Ain't Punk" for their MP3 Monday feature today.  You can download the track for free on their website here.

Chip DiMonick is featured on episode 671 of the Dark Compass podcast out of the UK.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Pittsburgh City Paper's April 15 edition featured a review of "Uncaged" that says that Chip DiMonick's "got charisma to spare, and for fans of heavy radio rock, Uncaged is worth a listen."

Read the full review here.



The Headbanging Moose, based in Canada, gave a great review of Uncaged recently.  "Pick any song on Uncaged, play it on the radio and you have an instant hit," THM wrote.

Read the full review here. debuted a new feature today, their "Get Out This Weekend" video series.  The first video featured a cool preview of the "Uncaged" CD Release Party and clips from the "You Ain't Punk" video.

Check it out here.

In yesterday's edition of the Beaver County Times, the newspaper previewed the upcoming CD Release Party for "Uncaged."  Entertainment Editor Scott Tady wrote that the music on the new album is "good old-fashioned greasy bar rock."

Read the entire preview here.


On the same night that Pittsburgh's WDVE played a track from "Uncaged" for the first time, 105.9 FM QWiK Rock in State College, PA played new Chip DiMonick music as well.  That makes four FM stations that have played music from "Uncaged" before the album's release!

Tune into the WDVE Homegrown Show on Easter Sunday at 9PM EDT to hear new Chip DiMonick music from the forthcoming album, "Uncaged."

WDVE can be heard on 102.5FM in Pittsburgh or via their website,

"Uncaged" recently received a stellar review on Sound Scene Express.  SSE writes that "Chip DiMonick is a band that gets it.  Heavy sound, killer guitar riffs and a singable chorus.  Maybe those qualities are what have kept this band relevant for so long."

Read the full review here.

Chip DiMonick is featured on Episode 171 of The Metal Deli.  Host Kimmi called "That's How Much I Hate You" a "great song to put in your wallet for when you're ready to kill someone."

Listen to the full episode here.

Dangerdog Music Reviews says that "with Uncaged...Chip DiMonick stays the course, offering a hybrid of hard rock and heavy metal while creatively twisting in different genres.  Recommended."

Read the whole review here.


Chip DiMonick is featured on Episode 263 of the Iron City Rocks podcast.  Hear a track from the forthcoming album, "Uncaged," as well as a lengthy interview about the inspiration behind the song "You Ain't Punk" and more!

Check out the podcast here.

Chip DiMonick (the man, not the band this time) will be a guest on the Grass Roots show on 97.7FM in Pittsburgh on March 29 at 7PM Eastern.  Tune in to hear a fun discussion about the new album "Uncaged," some tracks off the album, and a rare solo acoustic performance!

If you are outside of the Pittsburgh area, we recommend searching your app store for "The Rock Station 97.7-FM" app to get crystal-clear reception of the broadcast no matter where you are with a wifi signal!

Popular L.A.-based music site, Nataliezworld, published an extensive interview with Chip DiMonick today.  Learn about why the band is called Chip DiMonick, who some cool bands from Pittsburgh are, and some background behind the songs on the forthcoming album, Uncaged.

Check out the interview here.

"You Ain't Punk" was played on Pittsburgh's 105.9FM this evening!

Here's the tweet from DJ-extraordinaire, Stacy, documenting this historic moment!

Chip DiMonick was featured on the latest episode of the Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus!  Hear the title track from the forthcoming album, "Uncaged!"

Listen to this episode here.

Today, Chip DiMonick wrapped their video shoot for "You Ain't Punk," the first single from the band's new album, "Uncaged."  The band worked with director Marcus Morelli of Skene 19 Films who also shot Londona's "Touch Me In My Dreams" video.

Release date of the video will be announced soon!

Chip recently had the privilege of being interviewed on the Pennsylvania Music News podcast.  Hear some tracks from "Uncaged," learn about the band's recent lineup changes, and catch up on all things DiMonick.

Listen to the podcast here.

We are excited to announce the title of our new album and to give you a special sneak peek of some of the songs on it!  Check out this teaser video and preorder some awesome music, merch, and experience packages at !

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