Interesting story behind the song...

"Uncaged" was inspired by the Pittsburgh Pirates' sudden rise from a perennial loser to a playoff team.  The line "Hoist the colors we bleed/they won't forget they met this beast" was inspired by a rally video the Pirates play at home games when the team is behind where an actress (Lindsay Lohan?) screams for a ship full of pirates to "hoist the colors."

We wanted to make the lyrics general enough to apply to any rallying type of situation, whether it be sports, beating addiction, etc.  Ironically, this video was released on the day that the United States' Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. 

Of course, that is a sensitive issue for many.  And we stay out of political/social debates.  So, we simply say:  enjoy the song and the video!

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